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Holwell Parish Council comprises seven elected Councillors who meet at least four times a year to transact the business of the Council. Councillors serve for a period of four years. The next elections to the Council will be held in 2019. Occasional vacancies occur if a Councillor resigns before the end of his/her term. Any such vacancy will be advertised within the village on the noticeboard and on this website.

The Council is served by the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.

Please note that the Parish Council has a new email address - holwell@dorset-aptc.gov.uk

Howell Neighbourhood Plan

Holwell Neighbourhood Plan Referendum will take place on Thursday 7th February. 

Voting will take place in the Village Hall from 7:00am - 10:00pm

A Drop-in Session will be held on Saturday 2nd February in the Village Hall from 10:00am to 1:00pm where you can view hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan. The working Group members look forward to seeing you.


Holwell Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement

Updated 19th December 2018

The final examiners report into the Holwell Neighbourhood Plan has been received and a decision has been made to enable the plan as modified to proceed to referendum.

As set out in the decision statement attached, West Dorset District Council considered the recommendations contained in the examiners report and agreed that the plan could proceed to referendum.

The referendum will now be held on Thursday 7 February 2019 and will be held over the Holwell parish area.

For further information: https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/holwell-neighbourhood-plan 

Holwell Decision Statement (3).pdf

The Neighbourhood Plan dedicated web site address is http://holwellneighbourhoodplan.co.uk/ 

HPC ExtMtg Mins Dec 11th 2018 swja.docx


Dorset Police No Excuse team attended Holwell on Friday 18th January due to complaints received from residents and also to support the community speed watch team.

Within minutes the first driver was stopped for 39MPH They admitted that they had received a letter from community speed watch in the past for speeding along the same road. They were offered a driver awareness course. 

Another was stopped for 42MPH.  They were late dropping their kids off at school, they are a resident of Holwell and see other people speeding all the time there. They were also offered a driver awareness course. 

 A further local resident who was stopped for 41MPH, is already on nine points for speeding and having no insurance in the past. They were offered a driver awareness course and hopefully will learn to keep within the speed limit as this is their final chance before facing a court appearance.

 In total, five drivers were stopped in the short space of time Officers were in Holwell.

 This should send out a clear message that speeding in Holwell will not be tolerated


Dorset Care Record - Dorset Care Record brings all your health details together so medical and social care staff can give you the best possible care.  It is planned that the system will go live in early Spring and from that time on health and social care professionals will be asking people whether they want their record shared with the practitioners dealing with their care.  Further information can be found on https://news.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/dorset-care-record

Bus Services - All the current routes except one have now been withdrawn. A bus is provided on Tuesday mornings to Sherborne and Yeovil It is run by Dorset Community Transport and intending passengers need to book by the Monday before travel by phoning 01258 287980. The cost is £5. The bus leaves Holwell at around 9.27am, arriving in Sherborne at 10 25am and Yeovil at 10.45am. Returning, it leaves Yeovil at 12.30pm and Sherbone at 12.45pm.

Community Speedwatch - New volunteers are needed to support the work of the team. Please consider whether you could offer to help. Full training will be given, and a police check required. 

Superfast Broadband - The Parish Council is collecting a list of addresses in Holwell unable to connect to Superfast Broadband, in order to pursue this further with the providers. If you would like your address added please advise the Clerk - contact details below. The Parish Council has been advised that there is financial help for those on the slowest broadband as a subsidy towards the installation of a wireless, satellite or 4G broadband connection. For further details of the scheme please visit:                    www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/broadband/better-broadband-scheme                                               13/12/16


Current Councillors and their contact details are as follows:-

Bruce Duncan (Chairman) - 01963 23595 - bruceduncanab@gmail.com

Diana Gibbs (Vice Chairman) - 01963 23836 - djg6005@gmail.com

Lord Vicary Aldenham - 01963 23126 - vtaldenham@aol.com

Rodney Antell - 01963 23278

Jo Edmondson (DAPTC Representative) - edmondsonj32@gmail.com

Libby Wilton (Village Hall Representative) - 01935 592244 - libbywilton@stantonstone.com

Parish Clerk - Sarah Mitchell, Hartmoor Farm, Pulham, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 7ED  Tel: 01258 817288  Email: holwell@dorset-aptc.gov.uk

County Councillor - Mary Penfold Tel: 01300 342545 Mob. 07980 569880 Email: marypenfold8@gmail.com

District Councillor - Robert Gould, Hillside Farm, Poyntington, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 4LF  Tel: 01963 220222 Mob: 07732 677824 Email: cllrr.gould@westdorset-dc.gov.uk


News of Village Organisations and Events - These can currently be found on the Village Hall website -

Click on this link:- www.holwellvillagedorset.org.uk