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If you need support at this time, you can contact Holwell Parish Council in the first instance - telephone 01963 23349.
You can also get support from Dorset Council to help you get things you need - call 01305 221000 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, or visit their web site at dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/emergencies-severe-weather/emergencies/coronavirus/coronavirus-covid-19.aspx and click on "we can help you".
There are also contact details at www.helpandkindness.co.uk which offers a range of support and you can call them for help on 01305 269444.


We need your views on the broadband provision your household receives as there is a opportunity for support through improvements to community fibre schemes through Dorset Council and BT.

Following BT’s announcement of a £12 billion investment in Openreach to support the Universal Service Obligation, BT have offered to assist with the community fibre scheme for improvement in West Dorset.   Chris Loder MP has written to Parish Councils asking them to highlight any areas in our parish where broadband coverage is particularly bad and pass the details onto him.   

 Holwell Parish Council wants to understand what level of coverage each household actually receives as internet services are now a key proponent of our daily lives.  We have prepared a questionnaire to give you and your household an opportunity to give us more detail regarding broadband coverage as the results will help inform the work that the Parish Council does on your behalf.   We can then engage with all relevant parties to see what enhancements to service they can provide.

A paper copy of the questionnaire will be included with a newsletter that is being delivered to each household or an electronic version is included here Broadband questionnaire 21102020 final.xlsx  You can deliver your completed questionnaire to the post box at the village hall (now on the old front door) or to The Milk House, Fosters Hill or to Trims Ground, Stony Lane.

The survey is now closed 

 October 2020




If you are interested in working with your local community, have you thought about becoming a councillor?  You would be working to represent the people of Holwell advocating for the views of our local residents and signposting them to the right people at the council as well as keeping them informed about the issues that affect them.    Good communication and engagement is central to being an effective councillor.

As a local councillor, your residents will expect you to

  • respond to their queries and investigate their concerns 
  • communicate council decisions that affect them
  • know your patch and be aware of any problems
  • know and work with representatives of local organisations, interest groups and businesses
  • represent their views at council meetings
  • lead local campaigns on their behalf.

If you are interested in getting involved in community leadership, then contact the Parish Clerk by 21 August 2020 for more information.

Notice of vacancy in office of Councillor - Casual Vacancy Notice August 2020.docx (posted 31 July 2020)

updated August 2020

About Our Area – Its Character and Heritage

The Parish of Holwell is located in West Dorset and has a population of approximately 370 residents (DCC, Dorset Data Book, and Census 2011). It covers approximately 10 square kilometres (or 2,400 acres) of gently undulating, mainly agricultural land. The main settlement of Holwell is focused around Fosters Hill, Crouch Hill, Pleck and Gunville, and the wider area comprises generally undeveloped, small clustered hamlets (including Holwell Borough; Buckshaw; The Manor and Sandhills; Westrow; Hill Street; Packers Hill and Piccadilly; and Woodbridge) and individual farmsteads.  Although there are now significantly fewer smallholders and farms than in the 1900s, Holwell’s 10 working farms remain largely non-intensive, supporting a thriving wildlife community and distinctly rural environment which is much appreciated by its residents.


10 square kilometres

very RURAL PARISH with few facilities, the nearest town is Sherborne (10km away)

traditional, pastoral CLAY VALE landscape with mature oaks, hedgerows and streams

23 LISTED buildings and structures, plus many other features of local interest, including an extensive network of ancient TRACKS and FOOTPATHS

The surrounding landscape comprises chalk escarpments and limestone hills, as the parish borders the rolling hills and valleys of the Blackmore Vale, with views to Bulbarrow and the Dungeon Hills. The undulating land is largely Oxford Clay, drained by numerous small streams running north to join Caundle Brook, with an area of sandy loam at Sandhills.

Outside the parish the nearest settlements include Bishops Caundle to the north, Kings Stag to the east and Pulham to the south; these small settlements are set apart by large spans of agricultural land and patches of woodland and contribute to the remote, rural character of the area.  Larger settlements are a further distance from Holwell including Sherborne 10km to the north west and Dorchester 25km to the south.

Holwell Parish Council comprises up to seven elected Councillors who meet every two months to transact the business of the Council. Councillors serve for a period of five years.  Occasional vacancies occur if a Councillor resigns before the end of his/her term. Any such vacancy will be advertised within the village on the noticeboard and on this website.

The Council is served by the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Parish Clerk - Sarah Mitchell, Hartmoor Farm, Pulham, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 7ED  Tel: 01258 817288  Email: holwell@dorset-aptc.gov.uk

Dorset Councillor - Sherborne Rural - Robin Legg

Provision for the Exercise of Rights.docx

News of Village Organisations and Events - These can currently be found on the Village Hall website at www.holwellvillagedorset.org.uk