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Register of Interests of Councillors

Bruce Duncan Interests 2015.docx


Joanne Edmondson Interests Dec. 2015.docx

Katrina Wall Interests 2015.docx

Lord Aldenham Interests 2015.docx

Rodney Antell Interests 2015.docx

Libby Wilton Interests 2017.docx

Risk Assessment

A Parish Council is required to assess any risk for which it is responsible. This is reviewed periodically and officially adopted on an annual basis. It covers areas where insurance may be used to manage risk eg public liability; areas where the council may work with others to manage risk, eg. banking and auditing arrangements; and self-managed risks including internal controls over records, procedures and electors rights under the Freedom of Information Act.

The current assessment can be viewed below:-

HOLWELL PC Risk Assessment 2017.docx

HOLWELL PC Risk Assessment 2016.docx

HOLWELL PC Risk Assessment 2015.docx

HOLWELL PC Risk Assessment 2014.docx

End of Year Accounts - Transparency Code Information

Bank reconciliation can be found on the Accounts displayed on the Financial Page.

Accounts Year Ending 31.3.18

 Notice of public rights.pdf

 Internal Audit Report.pdf

 Explanation of differences.docx

 Exemption Certificate.pdf

 Annual Governance Statement 201718.pdf

 Accounting Statements 201718.pdf


Bank Reconciliation.docx

Items over £ 100.00.docx 

Notice of Conclusion of Audit  2016-2017

The Annual Return has been audited by the Council's external auditors. No issues were raised.

Itemised Expenditure over £100 - 2016-2017.xlsx

Accounting Statement 2016-2017.pdf

Account Variance Statement 2016-2017.docx

Governance Statement 2016-2017.pdf

Internal Audit 2016-2017.pdf


Itemised expenditure over £100 2015 - 2016.xlsx

Accounting Statement 2015-16.pdf

Account Variance Statement 2015-2016.docx

Governance Statement 2015-16.pdf

Internal Audit 2015-2016.pdf



Itemised expenditure over £100 2014-2015.xlsx

Accounting Statement 030715.pdf

Account Variance Statement 2014-2015.docx

Governance Statement 300615.pdf 

Internal Audit report 030715.pdf

The Parish Council has no public land or building assets.



HPC - Data Breach Policy.docx

HPC - Records Retention Policy - V2.docx

HPC Privacy Policy and FOI Policy.docx

HPC - Subject Access Request Procedure.docx

Holwell Parish Council Model Standing Orders England - July 2018.docx