Agendas and Minutes

HPC ExtMtg Mins Dec 11th 2018 swja.docxAgendas of upcoming meetings may be found here. Agendas are published at least three working days in advance of the meeting. Minutes of meetings are also displayed here. They remain in draft form until confirmed and signed at a subsequent meeting.

Agendas of Council Meetings

Agenda for meeting 22 January 2019 Agenda - January 2019.docx

Schedule for meeting 22 January 2019 schedule - January 2019.docx

Agenda - December 2018 - Extraordinary.docx

Agenda for 16 October Agenda - October 2018.docx

Schedule for 16 October schedule - October 2018.docx

Agenda for 24 July 2018 Agenda - July 2018.docx 

 Schedule for 24 July 2018 schedule - July 2018.docx

Agenda for Annual Meeting 15 May 2018 Agenda.docx

Schedule for Annual Meeting 15 May 2018 May schedule 2018.docx 

Agenda for 6 March 2018 March 2018.docx

Schedule for 6 March 2018 Schedule.docx

Agenda for December 5th 2017 HOLWELL PC Agenda 051217.doc

Agenda for October 26th 2017 HOLWELL PC Agenda 261017.doc

Agenda for October 5th 2017 HOLWELL PC Agenda 051017.doc

Agenda for July 18th 2017 HOLWELL PC Agenda 180717.doc

Agenda for May 9th 2017 HOLWELL PC Agenda 090517.doc

Agenda for March 28th 2017 HOLWELL PC Agenda 280317 (Autosaved).doc

Agenda for January 10th 2017 HOLWELL PC Agenda 100117.doc

Agenda for October 11th 2016 HOLWELL PC Agenda 111016.doc

Agenda for July 26th 2016 HOLWELL PC Agenda 260716.doc

Agenda for May 31st 2016  HOLWELL PC Agenda 310516.doc

Agenda for May 17th 2016  HOLWELL PC Agenda 170516 Amnd.doc

Agenda for January 19th 2016 HOLWELL PC Agenda 190116.doc

Agenda for October 13th 2015 HOLWELL PC Agenda 131015.doc

Agenda for July 14th 2015  HOLWELL PC Agenda 140715 am.docx

Agenda for May 12th 2015   HOLWELL PC Agenda 120515.doc

Agenda for January 13th 2015 HOLWELL PC Agenda 130115.doc

Agenda for October 14th 2014 HOLWELL PC Agenda 141014.doc

Agenda for July 8th 2014  HOLWELL PC Agenda 080714.doc


Minutes of Council Meetings.

22 January 2019 - draft - HPC Minutes 22 January 2019.docx

11 December 2018 - HPC ExtMtg Mins Dec 11th 2018 swja.docx

16 October 2018 - HPC Minutes 16 October 2018.docx

July 24 July - HPC Minutes 24 July 2018.docx

May 15th 2018 Minutes 15 May 2018.docx Reports from AGM.docx

March 6 2018  HPC Minutes 6 March 2018.docx

December 5th 2017  HPC Minutes 5 December 2017.docx

October 26th 2017 PC Minutes 261017.doc

October 5th 2017  PC Minutes 051017.doc

July 18th 2017  PC Minutes 180717.doc

May 9th 2017  PC Minutes 090517.doc

March 28th 2017  PC Minutes 280317 (Autosaved).doc

January 10th 2017 PC Minutes 100117.doc

October 11th 2016 PC Minutes 111016.doc

July 26th 2016 PC Minutes 260716.doc

May 31st 2016 PC Minutes 310516.doc

May 17th 2016 PC Minutes 170516.doc

January 19th. 2016 PC Minutes 190116 Final Draft.docx

November 23rd. 2015 PC Minutes 23 11 15 amnd.docx

October 13th 2015 PC Minutes 131015 (Autosaved).doc

July 14th 2015 PC Minutes 140715 (3).doc

May 12th 2015  PC Minutes 120515.docdf

January 13th 2015  PC Minutes 130115.doc

October 14th 2014 PC Minutes 141014.doc

July 8th 2014  PC Minutes 080714.doc

May 20th 2014   PC Minutes 200514.doc

January 14th 2014  PC Minutes 140114.p