Finance Matters

At its October meeting Holwell Parish Council considers Budget Proposals for the following financial year, taking into consideration likely expenditure 

Agreed Budget for 2017/2018

Budget 2017-2018- Agreed 100117 inc. Actual.xlsx  Agreed Precept for 2017/2018 - £5150

Agreed Budget 2016/2017 Agreed Precept for 2016/2017 - £4500

Budget 2016-2017 - Agreed 190116.xlsx  

Agreed Budget for 2015/2016

Agreed Budget 2015-2016.xls   Agreed Precept for 2015/2016 - £4500

Agreed Budget for 2014/2015

Budget 2014 - 2015.xls     Agreed Precept for 2014/2015 - £4500


Annual Accounts

Accounts for 2016/2017

Conclusion of Audit. The Annual Return for 2016/2017 has now been audited by the Council's external auditors. No issues were raised.

Accounts 2016-2017.xlsx

NP Grant Accounts 2016-2017.xlsx

Accounts for 2015/2016

Accounts 2015-2016.xlsx

Accounts for 2014/2015

Accounts 2014-2015.xlsx

Accounts for 2013/2014

Accounts 2013-2014.xlsx

Additional information on fiscal matters required by the Transparency Code for smaller authorities can be found on the Administrative Matters page