Neighbourhood Plan

Welcome to information about the Neighbourhood Plan for Holwell village.

Holwell Parish Council wish to maintain Holwell Parish as a thriving rural community and to ensure its long term future by working towards meeting the needs of those who wish to live and work in this community.   

A Neighbourhood Plan gives local people a genuine opportunity to be part of a community that will guide the future development, regeneration and conservation of their area by preparing a plan under the control and guidance of Holwell Parish Council. 

The Parish Council set up a working group in 2013 who undertook some initial work on the Plan.   However, this plan must be one that the community of Holwell produce and vote on, giving residents the opportunity to influence the future of the area.   It can cover a broad agenda or just focus on a few key issues that concern the population of Holwell.

      In terms of timescales, our project plan is as follows:

  • Further consultation this Autumn on outstanding issues such as the future for the village hall and design guidance, and feed back on the results so far and possible sites / policies to take forward
  • Consultation on the pre-submission draft plan early in the new year
  • Finalise the plan and evidence for submission by the summer
  • Examination in the autumn, followed by the referendum and (hopefully) adoption