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Dorset Council Highways Updates

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The speed of traffic through the village has been a source of complaint for many years and various solutions have been proposed. After considerable pressure from both the Parish Council and individual residents, permission was given for the establishment of a Community Speedwatch Scheme. A group of volunteers has been equipped with a speedgun and are able to report speeding vehicles to the police who will follow up their reports by letter or, for repeat offenders, by a personal visit.

Dorset Police No Excuse team attended Holwell on Friday 18th January due to complaints received from residents and also to support the community speed watch team.

Within minutes the first driver was stopped for 39MPH They admitted that they had received a letter from community speed watch in the past for speeding along the same road. They were offered a driver awareness course. 

 Another was stopped for 42MPH.  They were late dropping their kids off at school, they are a resident of Holwell and see other people speeding all the time there. They were also offered a driver awareness course. 

 A further local resident who was stopped for 41MPH, is already on nine points for speeding and having no insurance in the past. They were offered a driver awareness course and hopefully will learn to keep within the speed limit as this is their final chance before facing a court appearance.

 In total, five drivers were stopped in the short space of time Officers were in Holwell.

 This should send out a clear message that speeding in Holwell will not be tolerated

Road works and closures

Cornford Bridge will be closed between 26th April 2021 and 7th May 2021.  This Order will enable Dorset Council to carry out bridge maintenance and resurfacing works. Public Notice Cornford Hill Holwell.pdf

BABYLON HILL - road closure between Babylon Hill roundabout and the Co-op filling station, a distance of approximately 20 metres. . It will come into operation on 20 April 2021 between 1900 and 0700. Public Notice Babylon Hill Yeovil County Boundary.pdf