The Parish Council regularly considers issues relating to our road network at its meetings. Improvements to the road surfaces of both Stony Lane, Peaceful Lane and Holwell Drove have been made recently. Other problems including potholes and surface water due to road subsidence have been reported to the County Council. If residents spot a problem that relates to the roads this can be reported on the dorsetforyou website where you will be given a reference number and be able to track the proposed action.

Highways Updates

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The speed of traffic through the village has been a source of complaint for many years and various solutions have been proposed. After considerable pressure from both the Parish Council and individual residents, permission was given for the establishment of a Community Speedwatch Scheme. A group of volunteers has been equipped with a speedgun and are able to report speeding vehicles to the police who will follow up their reports by letter or, for repeat offenders, by a personal visit.